Low Vision is
Becoming an epidemic

The Low Vision Works University Solution

The medical community must mobilize to meet the increasing needs of patients requiring therapy as a result of low vision. Home health companies that prepare to meet these needs will position themselves not only to meet the needs of their patients, but also to grow exponentially as their competition will be ill-equipped to offer comparable services.  However, low vision therapy is a labor-intensive and complex specialty program. Outsourcing this program to experts in the field will save the time, cost and frustration of starting and maintaining a new specialty area, and give your company an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

One of the nation’s leading provider of Low Vision Occupational Therapy for the very first time is offering their proprietary Low Vision Works Certification Course outside of the Low Vision Works corporation.

Our Low Vision Works certified program incorporates the most innovative, clinically proven methods and training to assist individuals with low vision.  Through this innovation and training, Low Vision Works patients are enjoying dramatic success in building the skills needed to live safer, more independent and fulfilling lives. Low Vision Works therapists have been giving hope to low vision patients since 2001, and now the opportunity is yours. Low Vision Works provides the only vision restoration process in the industry that combines a proprietary and results proven visual enhancement training and compensatory rehabilitation program. To date, the program’s affiliates have enjoyed considerable success. Over 90% of our patients have experienced an average of a 47% increase in visual function. Vandendooren Protocal

  • In the first 4 months of the low vision program implementation, the pilot home health care agency generated $600,000 in revenues
  • Another affiliate valued their program at $1,500,000 after only ten months of treating low vision patients.

The Low Vision Works client relationship assists in the management and support our clients and guiding them into a cutting edge marketplace and immediately impacting your revenue stream. Low Vision Works Consulting Group can also provide generous marketing support to its clients through national marketing efforts, existing federal systems network contacts and established nationwide relationships within the eye care community. 

We invite you to join our national network of Low Vision Works trained Occupational Therapist’s today.

Low Vision Works Occupational Therapy Home Health Care Certification Series I

2017 Course Dates:
November 13th – 17th
December 11th-15th

Course Details and Registration
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